emarketick CRM System

Stay organized as you scale and grow

Stay organized and poised forgrowth with eMarketick CRM.
Designed forsimplicity, it seamlessly integrates with yourwebsite
and oPers full customization, empowering you tomanage leads,
customers, tasks, teams, projects, sales, marketing, and beyond all from one
centralized platform. Take charge ofyour CRM experience
and start customizing your solution today with eMarketick CRM.

We Provide Services to Manage Your Social Media Profiles and Websites 

A CRM that gives you the ability to…

Integrate with the apps you
already use

eMarketick CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
software isa versatile solution suitable for virtually any company,
offering numerous applications. Its sleek and
contemporary design not only enhances your
professional image tocustomers butalso boosts
business performance simultaneously.

Run your business your way

Take control of your business operations with eMarketick.
While many small business platforms claim to offera CRM,
they oñen lack robustness and customization. Not eMarketick.
Our powerful CRM is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it
precisely to your business needs. Explore tailored solutions
foryour industry today.

Turn more leads into customers

Convert more leads into loyal customers with eMarketick CRM.
Simplify every aspect ofyour sales process, from managing
leads and sales representatives to tracking deals, sales stages,
and automated email lead nurture campaigns all in one user-friendly platform.

Turn customers into fans

Transform customers into loyal advocates with eMarketick CRM.
Elevate your customer experience by staying organized,
customizing fields, tracking communications, uploading files,
creating tasks, managing projects, sending automated emails,
handling billing, and more all withina single, intuitive platform.

Create and manage tasks

EPortlessly create and oversee tasks with eMarketick.
Eliminate the uncertainty of what comes next and maintain
organization and e1ticiency as your business expands.
Utilize task templates to generate common tasks and
reminders within seconds.

Manage projects, deals and

Efficiently oversee projects, deals, and beyond with eMarketick.
Seamlessly manage deals and projects from inception to completion.
Tailor stages, assign tasks to multiple team members, upload files,
set deadlines, and more, all within one comprehensive platform.

Organize B2B relationships

Streamline B2B relationships with eMarketick.
EPortlessly organize and oversee your
B2B connections by grouping contacts according
to their affiliated organizations.
Instantly access all contacts associated with
selected organizations in one centralized location.

Automate your marketing

Empower your marketing with automation using eMarketick.
Transform your CRM into an automated marketing powerhouse,
delivering targeted campaigns totheright contacts at the perfect moment. _ „
Boost sales, lifetime value, referrals, and reviews e€ortlessly.

Enjoy a fully integrated CRM

Experience complete integration with eMarketick CRM.
Enjoy seamless connectivity between your CRM, website,
and the entire eMarketick CRMBi platform. From forms and
payments toemail automation, scheduling, reporting, and beyond,
everything works together harmoniously.

Manage your business on the go

Stay on topofyour business wherever you arewith the eMarketick Mobile App.
EPortlessly manage andexpand your business from any location.
Access and oversee contact information on the fly, and engage with
leads and customers through phone calls, text messages, oremails with
justa few taps. For Mobile App Order You Need toBuy Mobile App Services Extra

Plus, all of these great benefits.

Everything you need to compete and win online. Not only do you get the
tools you need to manage your business, but you also get the dedicated
marketing team you need to grow your business — all in one platform.

Marketing Team

Turbocharge your marketing

Website Management

We Manage Your Website


Sell your products using our e-commerce solution


Get paid easier, faster, your way


All-in-one business management


Stay organized as you scale and grow


We Create forms for anything


Stay top of mind with email and text


Gain the edge of a good reputation


Streamline your social media


Level up your content marketing


Fuel growth with multi-channel ads

Get everything you need to
manage and grow your business.

We Provide Services to Manage Your Social Media Profiles and Websites Working on Below Platforms

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